Birthday Invitation Card : Zulma Mardiana

Here is another project of mine done this week. The client wanted to have a black and white birthday invitation card with photos of her on the card. With limited photo collection of her, here is the card. This card will be printed on photo paper. So, what do you think. Please, give me any feedback about this.

Birthday Invitation Card

Birthday Invitation Card 01

Birthday Invitation Card 02

Birthday Invitation Card 02

Creative Brief

Birthday Invitation Card
Black and White
Zulma Mardiana / Meitha Clara
Tanuarto Simatupang & Meitha Clara
Photoshop CS3
Birthday invitation for Zulma Mardiana’s birthday.
March 2009


  1. **Rita: terima kasih bu…referensi yang bagus tuk projek kedepannya…Baru sadar juga pas Ibu bilang begitu…hehehe…Thank you…

  2. *Adam Fatchurrozi: Thank you…thank you… Iya..dicetak hitam putih karena itu adalah permintaan clientnya … karena tema acaranya memang black n white.

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